prime bolus music 2010

by the slate pipe banjo draggers



final edited and mastered version of improvised live set. sixteen minutes.

'Prime Bolus is an impressive piece of work, a slowly evolving, regenerating piece – tribal electronics, evolving drones woven with spoken word, with announcements, train stations, pulsing drive, ritual organicness, slowly spinning machines, peaking ultra motions… Kind of dark in places, mysterious noises out there on the edges of the piece - layers, repetitive cycles overlapping, interlapping, interloping, layers to peel back, the more you journey with it, the more you hear, the more you discover.
Peeling mechanical onions for your ears, voice patterns, animal sounds, the sound of silence. Audio weaving – tactile, warm, inviting. Eavesdropping on the 149 to Edmonton Green, my friend said let’s go to a gay club… Scanner.. throbbing of the engine, voices from the deep, motorway city… I can hear the air the air that they breathe through their mouths… blood pumping warmth, tunes wrapped around tunes, drones meeting words, machine organicness getting closer, she gets a bit closer, she sees the room sideways again… she sees his hands in front of her… the beauty of machines, the safety of repetitive mechanicalism, of many voices, bites of conversations, announcements overheard…
This is excellent actually, locks you into those rhythms, feeds you different bits each time, one great big complete whole of a piece that works so well as one big sound painting, one piece of joined up thinking. "Are you recording me? Are you going to put that on the internet? Stop recording me!" Stick it on repeat, learn the bus route, wait for the kick in that comes about five and a quarter minutes along the journey and just go with the piece and enjoy it on so many levels.. The real art of listening, resonance indeed. – soundart with an excellent tune, a warm tune, an ever evolving ever building tune, a warm texture, a narrative you just don’t tire of, a real piece of thought-out crafted delight. We get a lot of this kind of thing sent in here, most of it comes nowhere near holding our interest and taking it with us like this fine piece does, you can’t help but pay attention…' -


released January 12, 2010
andrew rowe




the slate pipe banjo draggers UK

The Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers is the sound, music and performance project of Andy Rowe

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